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Our Mission

Our goal is to bring our listeners freedom through knowledge by sharing our experiences and viewpoints in life. We believe in liberty, self-sufficiency, counter-economics, non-aggresion and the agora.

We invite you to join this journey on the border between societal norms and the pioneer spirit.

Every podcast episode we bring forth contains practical, philosophical, and technical information that can be applied to your life. We also want you to ponder on our different perspectives of modern day events and culture.

off grid agorist symbol

This is our symbol that we created which embodies applicable agorism and off grid living. The elements of the existing agorism and anarchy symbol are combined with the element of nature that represents self sufficiency and Natural Law. Please feel free to use this symbol to help us spread the message of opting out of the system. 

Meet Your Hosts

Cyrus Mason

Host of The Off Grid Agorist Podcast

Creator of the Off Grid Maker

Cyrus is a badass off grid bootstrapper and has been 100% off grid for seven years. He is an active Agorist and is working to spread the word of Agorism throughout the world. 

His knowledge about making moonshine and living off grid is vast, as shown in abundance on www.offgridmaker.com.

Regina cohost of Off Grid Agorist Podcast

Regina Cal

Host of The Off Grid Agorist Podcast

Creator of Maximum Off Grid

Regina lives off grid 100% in the high mountain desert of Arizona. She is an active gardener, rockhound, prospector, and massive cryptocurrency nerd. 

She is the creator of www.maximumoffgrid.com which has a treasure trove of information about how to go off grid.

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