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In a world full of contradictions and violence, it can be hard to find a path that doesn't include being involved on the "left" or the "right" side. 

Personally, I am sick of having to label myself as a democrat or republican. But I am always pushed by friends, family, and society into aligning myself into one side that I personally do not believe in. 

Now that I have discovered Agorism, I have chosen to opt out of both sides! And you can too, if you like. You can listen to this episode and discover concepts and philosophies that may apply to your beliefs but never had the words to describe them. 

If you are interested in developing a counter-economics lifestyle, you can start with our free PDF, 131 Ways to Make Money Using Counter-Economics

You can also advance into Applicable Agorism by reading our ebook, How To Build A Stealth Business Using Counter-Economics

Check out Samuel Edward Konkin III's work, An Agorist Primer, for free. 

what is agorism podcast part one

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