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Obedience is not a virtue. In this episode, we discuss the idea of "Disobey and walk away".

We prefer disobedience to obedience because disobedience requires thought and constant evaluation of one's own morals and ethics. You cant be free and be obedient to another.

Being responsible for your own life is a prerequisite for being free. Being responsible for one's own decisions sometimes requires disobedience. You will really like this episode.

podcast disobey and walk away

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  1. Hello,
    You are both commiting a key mistake. You are starting from a wrong assumption and getting wrong conclusions. The key assumpion is that Viruses exist and CV19 virus exist. There are no evidence at all to support CV19 virus and the virology theoru is a block of evidenceless theory is many parts.
    You can check this explanation from Dr. Kaufman

    You can also read 34 statements from Health authorities from different countries. It is a 105-page pdf document . How can I sen it you, please?

    1. Rui,
      Thanks for the comment, but I disagree. I think to say there is no evidence to support the existence of covid 19 is the incorrect assumption. I tried checking your source but nothing is there.

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