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Agorism may be a new concept to you, or you may be interested in actually practicing the Agora but are unsure how to incorporate it into your everyday life. This is what we are addressing in this episode!

We talk about the various ways you can support Agorism and incorporate it easily into your daily lives, from small to big actions. 

podcast how to practice everyday agorism

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  1. I don't trust paypal and prefer to use a decentralized teller. I looked at Kraken, but it doesn't support any browsers but google based. Kind of non-agorist. Bisq is a good dexteller, ledger, bitsy, Looking at bitfi. Great show though and trying to agorise the world.

    1. I totally agree with you, paypal stinks and there are not a lot of platforms that work really well with Agorism, yet.

      For now, the mainstream platforms are a good way to start into crypto adoption and as users advance, they can move to more secure, decentralized platforms.

      You also get about $20k of crypto play before anything gets reported to the IRS on any platform.

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