The monopoly on seeds - boost your food independenve with heirloom seed saving

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Most of us do not realize what is happening with our global seed industry. What used to be the Big 6 that controlled 70% of seeds in the world, mergers have made only 4 large industrial food companies in control of producing and selling most of our global food seed supply!

There are all sorts of implications for large corporations controlling a huge portion of our food supply.

The solution? Heirloom seed saving!

In this episode, we go over what is happening with the seed industry today, and how we can fight for our food sovereignty with heirloom seeds. 

We also talk about GMOs, hybrids, organic, and heirloom meanings so you can be informed about what type of seed you want to purchase and save. 

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  1. Love the podcast, appreciate the info! But, just a note: Africa is not a small third world country, it's an entire continent. So many people perpetuate this idea and I know it probly seems like a small, harmless mistake but it's more problematic than it may seem.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment. I know we’re both aware of that fact and it was certainly just a mistake. If you listen closely, I bet we do it quite a bit lol.

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